George Gastil for Lemon Grove City Council

Testimonials for George Gastil for City Council

George Gastil has a solid record working for the people of Lemon Grove. He knows the community, and he knows how to get things done.

On the Lemon Grove School Board George was a strong advocate for educational equity, meaningful family involvement, and innovative approaches to reach every child. As a City Council member, George helped steer the city through a major budget crisis and facilitate more informed community discussion on issues such as city infrastructure and public safety. George knows that diversity is a strength, and that meaningful change will happen with people working together.

Right now we need public servants with experience and vision to guide us through hard times. George is one of those people. I strongly urge the voters of Lemon Grove to return George Gastil to the City Council.*

Dr. Shirley N. Weber
California State Assemblymember

George Gastil is a believer in the ideals of what can be. What we can be as a shining example of a small city in San Diego County, and what we can be as a community of neighbors sharing support for one another. I have seen George act with this vision in how he supports the members of his community, in any way that he can, to help them achieve positive and meaningful change for our city. In fact, one can see these ideals bear fruit when driving by our recently established community garden.

George believes in what we can be because he knows where we have been. In the words of Maya Angelou, "If you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you're going." With George's past experience serving on Lemon Grove's City Council, and specialized knowledge of California's state and local history, it is safe to say that George knows where we have come from.

It has been my pleasure to know George the time that I have, and for the reasons that I have described, I happily offer my endorsement to George Gastil in his run to become a City Councilmen for Lemon Grove once more.*

Seth A. Smith
Lemon Grove Planning Commissioner

George Gastil has been my mentor, my colleague and my friend. George has the commitment, vision, knowledge and experience necessary to move this city forward.

Over the years, George has forged many community and regional relationships and has won the support and respect of other leaders. I look forward to continuing to work with George when he returns to the City Council!*

Jennifer Mendoza
Lemon Grove City Council Member

Thank you George for all that you have done for Lemon Grove School District and the city of Lemon Grove.

George has served as a mentor for me as well as many other politicians in Lemon Grove and will do a great job when we put him back on the City Council.*

Timothy Shaw
Lemon Grove School District
Governing Board


  George Gastil has long proven himself to be a trustworthy and effective advocate for our city. He has many years of experience as a leader in the Lemon Grove School District and as a Lemon Grove Council member. He knows Lemon Grove very well, and cares deeply about our community and it's place within the larger region.

George brings excellent credentials and experience to this role. More importantly, he is a man of integrity, honesty and sincerity. George Gastil will provide the leadership necessary to make Lemon Grove a great place to live.*

Terry Williams
Lemon Grove Community Member
Director, Resource Management, SDSU College of Health and Human Services


I am so glad you are running to return to the City Council. You have the background and experience, both personal and political, to move Lemon Grove to the next level. Most of all, you have the heart to work as hard as you need to make the kind of difference Lemon Grove needs.

I have known you since you were in high school and you served on the Human Relations Committee of the Grossmont Union High School District. We did a lot of bridge building in those days. You have kept moving up to higher levels of leadership as time has passed. I am so proud of what you have accomplished and stand ready to help you get elected once again.

Thank you and your family for being willing to make the sacrifice to do this. I am sending a contribution, and I would also like a sign for you in my yard.*

Peace and Gratitude,
Clara Harris
Lemon Grove Community Member since 1962
Former Executive Director, Heartland Human Relations and Fair Housing Association

I have known George Gastil for well over 16 years. I have been most impressed by his integrity and his deep commitment to serving his community. George is one of the most selfless people I know and seems to spend all of his time trying to help others to succeed; as a teacher, as a former member of Lemon Grove school board, and as a former City Council member.

I have no doubt that George will work tirelessly for our wonderful town of Lemon Grove. He will be smart, innovative, and inclusive. George will insist on transparency, and will be available to all residents, regardless of their background, politics or ideas. George is a true servant, and I am excited about the new direction George will lead Lemon Grove if given the opportunity by the voters.

I urge you to support George for City Council in 2020.*

Michael Golden
Lemon Grove Community Member
Biology Professor, Grossmont College

  I am super excited to announce one of my favorite professors is running for Lemon Grove City Council. George Gastil is incredible as an educator and as a human being.

Please Contribute and support his campaign, we need more people like George in government.

Aleena Jun Nawabi
Non-Profit Manager/Muslim Community Leader

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Contact George Gastil:

(619) 249-4700 2295 McKnight Dr, Lemon Grove, CA 91945