George Gastil for Lemon Grove City Council

George Gastil Inauguration Ceremony

On December 10, 2020 George Gastil was affirmed as a member of the City Council

Campaign Events

Sign Waving

On Election day George Gastil and friends
connecting with Lemon Grove voters

Sign Waving 6

Roberto Alvarez
Painting on Utility box: Robert Alvarez.
The student who was lead plantiff in the 1931 case against the Lemon Grove School Board.
Alvarez grew up to be the founder of Coast Cirtus, a major fruit Company.

Sign Waving 7

On Saturday, October 31st George Gastil and friends
safely connecting with Lemon Grove voters

Sign Waving 4

Sign Waving 2

Sign Waving 3

Sign Waving 1

Coffee with George

Please email questions before noon on
the day of the event.

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This will be a Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 863 6812 2281
Passcode: 477913
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Coffee and conversation videos will be available on this site for those who could not attend.

Contact George Gastil:

(619) 249-4700 2295 McKnight Dr, Lemon Grove, CA 91945