George Gastil for Mayor of Lemon Grove

George Gastil's Priorities for Lemon Grove

• Fiscal Management—We must rebuild our budget reserves while the economy is improving. We should also pay off our pension liability for long term savings.

George Gastil • Neighborhood Infrastructure—We must keep up with street maintenance, improve our parks, and continue to support projects that make our streets safer and more desirable for walking.

• Economic Revitalization—We must continue to improve our city center and our commercial corridors, and encourage a greater variety of businesses where residents can shop and dine.

• Public Safety—We must support our Sheriff's deputies and Firefighters and make sure they have the best training available. We must work with other cities to develop a stronger regional plan to address homelessness and to help people experiencing mental distress.

• Community Planning—We are engaging residents and business owners in lively discussions as we update our community plan. In the next eight years we can make this city more beautiful, with projects such as a two-mile long shaded walking park next to the trolley line.

Contact George Gastil:

(619) 465-9176 2295 McKnight Dr, Lemon Grove, CA 91945